About Us

MJ Hudson is a leading provider of quantitative analytics for the private equity industry.

We help investors achieve a better understanding of the value drivers behind private equity investments and, subsequently, to make better investment decisions. MJ Hudson offers specialized consulting services to institutional and other sophisticated investors by providing detailed insights into the key aspects of private equity investment performance.

Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of fundraising and fund due diligence processes and to help free up costly time for investor relations and due diligence teams. With the help of MJ Hudson, investors can focus on value-adding activities, such as:

  • Interpreting quantitative performance analysis for value drivers
  • Performing qualitative due diligence
  • Assessing investment needs

In order to allow investors maximum flexibility, MJ Hudson has created a comprehensive set of five quantitative metrics which cover key aspects of performance, strategy and risk of private equity investments. The underlying proprietary technology, US patent pending, builds on multiple-year research projects on performance measurement and benchmarking of private equity investments. Our know-how is based on work at the HEC Buyout Research Group combined with substantial expertise in private equity fund investing.