Limited Partners

MJ Hudson provides LPs with a unique perspective into portfolio risk and return profile with applications in portfolio design, investment decision support and performance optimization.

Benefits for LPs

  • Provide unique perspective into returns and risk
  • Optimizing performance and portfolio design
  • Make new investment decisions
  • Resources optimization

The MJ Hudson PERACS analysis helps LPs:

  • Evaluate and better understand the risk and return profile of their existing private equity portfolio as a possible input to future portfolio design decisions; and
  • Optimize the due diligence process to
    • (a) analyse a potential new primary fund commitments to either help back-up parts of the qualitative story with quantitative analysis or further question a GP with some of the findings
    • (b) compare the risk, return, and competitive positioning of competing GPs being investigated concurrently

Over 1,000 funds have been analyzed by MJ Hudson on behalf of some of the largest LPs.